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Two photos of the NoSplint device that shows it th plastic section with two bands.

What is NoSplint™?

NoSplint™ is a innovative new splint designed to treat mallet finger with minimal inconvenience to the patient and allow the hand to get wet.

Benefits of NoSplint™?

  • The NoSplint™ can get wet! No need to worry about showering, doing the dishes or washing hands.

  • The splint is clear allowing the patient to observe the condition of the skin.

  • The NoSplint™ is clear and unobtrusive compared to traditional splints.


What is Mallet Finger?

A "mallet finger" injury is the inability to fully extend the end joint (DIP Joint) of the finger. The injury occurs from a force, such as a ball a person is trying to catch hitting the finger tip straight on. It's one of the most common tendon injuries to the finger and can cause significant dysfunction to the patient.

Existing Treatment & Challenges?

95% of mallet finger injuries are treated with splints. The typical treatment requires the DIP joint to be held straight continuously for 6 to 8 weeks. The standard "Lewin type" splints at times can be cumbersome to the patient:​

  • The finger can't be washed​

  • The splint can't get wet creating difficulties completing normal routines​​

  • The splint can't be adjusted as the finger changes shape due to swelling and hydration

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American Society for Surgery of the Hand

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